Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Logo and it's description (proposal by Multimedia Sec.)

 This is a logo made by the multimedia secretariat which is still in its proposal.

The following is the description of the logo:

 Theme of the design: Festival 
  • Background design: If you can see the background design resembles the explosion of a fireworks (with a little modification on the yellow and red). Fireworks are highly related to festival so this is the reason why it is chosen. Every sparks on the fireworks resembles of unity of different races to create a dignified and quality sparks
  • Main color - Blue: Blue is the color of unity as described in Malaysia's national flag "Jalur Gemilang". So it's highly suitable with 1 Malaysia. Also, blue is synonymic to UKM so it shows that UKM is the organizer of this event
  • Modification on the yellow color:  Modified to make it looks like a gear. In engineering, gear does not work alone. It need many other gear for it to function. So it resembles cooperation between the organizing committee and also cooperation from the participants
  • Modification on the red color: The explosion is more aggressive and it symbolize energy. Since one of the major programs is "Active Community". It reflects it.

    Why "1 Malaysia" is bigger than the rest?: To point out that the main objective of this program is to go along with the vision of Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak to achieve the ultimate objective to achieve national unity among it's citizens

    PS: Go here for the latest logo since this logo is no longer used

      • Blue: Unity
      • Red: Bravery
      • Yellow: Peace & Harmony
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