Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

New Logo & Description

This is the new logo made by the Multimedia Secretariat after taking considerations of the new ideas, and feedback from everyone.

Changes from the previous one:
1. Theme of the design have been changed from "festival" to "Unity"
2. Logo of KTSN and UKM have been added.
3. The theme for the program "1 Kampus, 1 University, 1 Malaysia" have been added.
4. "Festival 1 Malaysia" can be read easier

1. "People's shape forming circle shape around "1 Malaysia" symbol: Showing the unity and cooperativeness of the Malaysians especially the TSNRC residents to make the "1 Malaysia" spirit inspired by the Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Najib Razak to achieve the ultimate unity among it citizen to be succesful
2. "Colourful background of the people": shows the variety of people of Malaysians which have various religions, ethnicity, culture and language can coexist and become unite under the banner of "1 Malaysia":
3. "1 Malaysia" symbol on the center: Shows the main focus for the whole program is "1 Malaysia"
4. TSNRC logo on the side of "1 Malaysia": to make UKM especially TSNRC as the pioneer and icon of "1 Malaysia" which coincides with one of the program's objective

PS: Feel free to comment, so the Multimedia secretariat can make improvements on the design and also the description

PSS: This logo (in JPG and GIF format) can be downloaded here
7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    saya tak perlu ulang letak logo UKM, kalau anda perasan, logo ktsn dan ada logo UKM.

    Apa tema kita?

    Saya suka logo dan penjelasannya, nampak lebih muhibbah.

  2. Nazir Says:

    Ok, jd x perlu letak UKM tu skali lagi? Pengubahsuaian akan dilakukan.

    Tema kita adalah "1 Kampus, 1 Universiti, 1 Malaysia"

    Terima kasih terhadap komen dan tindak balas

  3. Anonymous Says:

    logo dan penjelasan saling berkaitan...
    logo pada kali ni lebih jelas menunjukkan nama festival dan lebih dekat dgn tema..

  4. integration/unity Says:

    really good that there is a platform for the non-board members and non-ajk to post some comments and suggestion about this program. i tink experienced students can give their ideas and support here.
    nice logo..a few suggestions from me
    y dont make the colours of people's shape into more colours: maybe inspired by rainbow colours..this one here is more to green.
    another is the description for "colourful background of the people"..maybe can change it to 'various religions, ethnicity, culture and language'. i suggest that you exclude the word skin colours (can be replaced by ethnicity). i hope you can understand why im suggestin to exclude the we are not bias to anyone.
    im having a doubt as well on the theme: people might question the org board that since we have bangi campus, kl campus and PPUKM, what is the significance of having the '1CAMPUS' on the theme.
    i hope this can be discussed among the board members.
    good luck and my best wishes

  5. Nazir (Exco Multimedia I) Says:

    First of all, thanks fr posting comment. We welcome all of the comments and suggestion given

    About the logo, we would like to furher change it but since it already has been decided on meetings and the logo has already been sent to all the related people for their works. So, we thank you for the suggestions but i would have to say, it's too late to change it right now. But at least we consider your suggestion for the description and and we already changed it after taking consideration for sensitivity of some part of the community.

    As for "1 Campus".. i will brought it up in the meeting if i have the chance and i would probably ask the director to answer your question personally since he would probably the right person to do that. As for early answer, this is just MERELY MY OPINION, "1 Campus" is inserted because we're indeed a part of the UKM, but its the work of our campus only since this is organized by the TSNRC which is the KL Campus. So, it the hard work along with its unity and cooperativeness of the residents in it. Secondly, we want to let the people know the existence of the UKM KL and TSNRC because if you ask around around in Malaysia not in area around here, "where is UKM?".. They will proabably answer "Bangi or HUKM". if they ask further about UKM KL, they will though it is the cheras campus/ KTDI. This is true since before coming here, i also thought like that and if my friend ask they also thought that i'm in cheras.. This is my opinion, it's not the official statement of the committee.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments and wishes

  6. integration/unity Says:

    thank you for the explaination. keep up the good work.
    thanx for accepting my suggestion.
    and i agree with you about the "where is ukm" issue.

    saya nk share satu lagi benda, iaitu berkenaan meletakkan logo ukm dlm poster (ini utk bhgn publisiti/penerbitan/multimedia sebenarnya) sila letakkan logo ukm di bahagian kiri (dari arah pandangan kita) dikuti dengan logo2 lain. sebabnya ialah ukm adalah yg paling utama, yang lain2 seperti logo ktsn mahupun logo program ini adalah di bawah ukm, jadi logo ukm adalah apa yg harus kelihatan/dilihat dulu. kalau di poster fundwalk contohnya, logo program berada di bahagian kiri, itu yang nampak dulu berbanding logo ukm. this is actually a small matter, tapi inilah benda2 kecil yang sebenarnya dapat kita tunjukkan rasa hormat dan bangga kepada universiti kita sendiri. (berkenaan logo sponsor saya tak berapa pasti, sila dapatkan maklumat drpd pihak atasan).
    terima kasih.

  7. Nazir Says:

    ok. thank you.. i will post in our facebook page about the location of the logo.