Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Futsal 1 Malaysia

Are you a talented futsal player? Got the talent but have no platform to show off your skills and technique? Or are you searching for bigger, tougher and more challenging opponent?? Dont worry because in UKM KL 1 Malaysia event, we will give you CHANCE to play your beloved sports. Join us and you can also win great prize. Details of the event is listed below:

Date & Time: 28th February 2010 (8.00 AM - 6.00 PM)
Location: Kolej Tun Syed Nasir court

  1. 1st Place: RM300
  2. 2nd Place: RM200
  3. 3rd Place: RM100

Rules & Regulations
  1. Only 1 category being held (MEN ONLY)
  2. Expected amount of participant is 24 team
  3. Each time is represented by 8 player (5 Starting, 3 on the bench)
  4. Match duration: 11 minute
  5. If no winner decide by the time given. Penalty shoot-out will take place. Winners take all.
  6. No extra-time will be given
  7. Decision made by referee are irreversible
  8. Entrance fee for 1 team is RM50
  9. Deadline for registration: 25th February 2010

For any question, please contact the person in charge:
Mohd Norazmi B Zulkifli (017-2518567)
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