Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Great Photos!!


PS: Download here and unzip with WinZip

PSS: Please contact either one of the Exco Multimedia to have access to all of the pictures..

Festival 1 Malaysia "closes it curtains"

On 6.00 p.m on 28th February, "Festival 1 Malaysia" program marks it ends.. Even though it rains on both days of the events, the participants, organizers and the visitors show's encouraging spirit throughout the festival. Thank you all for the cooperation.. We Love You All!! "1 Campus, 1 University, 1 Malaysia"!! Assalaimualaikum and have a pleasant day..

Hope to see you again in future to come!!

Festival 1 Malaysia

PS: Pictures & Videos of great events of the festival will be put after Secretariat Multimedia collected all and finalize all the data.

T-Shirts & Landyard!!


Landyard and t-shirts are now available. Get it from your exco.. ^_^
Below are some of the designs which can be found on the t-shirt


Congratulate to TTK for their hardwork!! \(^0^)/

1 Day Before The Festival Started

On the 26th of February, a full rehearsal was conducted for the launching ceremony. Many people involved showed up and training performance performed by the choir, various ethnic dancer and our models for the fashion show...

Next is all around the main site for "Festival 1 Malaysia"

Thanks for the technical unit for their hard work. You all are the best!!!

Beside that, we also see, some of the exhibition secretariat doing their work!!

Khoo(right), multimedia exco & his AJK


Hope to see you all tomorrow!! \ (^0^) /

Announcement (25/2/10)

This is regarding the T-Shirt, landyard and badge

Please pay only rm5 for each MT, Exco & AJK to TTK Exco. On Thursday night you will get badge. Due to some problem, t-shirt can be taken on friday (maybe on evening)

Why rm5? This is because the administration of KTSN will be the sponsoring. I would like to take this chance to give thanks to them. W e Love KTSN & We Love U All.. (^_^)

According to Exco Protokol, the full rehearsal will be held on 8.30  o'clock tomorrow morning (26/2/10). To all which are involved in this, absent are unforgivable please come.

Citrawarna 1 Malaysia (Launching Ceremony)

This is the latest & final tentative for the launching ceremony. (24/2/10)

9.30   a.m                   :  Students & audience arrivals
10.00 a.m                   :  VVIP & VIP Arrivals
                                   :  KTSN "kawad kaki" parade
10.15 a.m                   :  ‘Negaraku’ & ‘Varsiti Kita’ song (Koir)
10.20 a.m                   :  Opening performance (various races dance)
10.35 a.m                   Words welcoming hosts ceremony
10.40 a.m                   :  Director of program's speech
                                     Vice-chancellor's speech
                                      Launcher's speech
11.15 a.m                   :  Launching ceremony
11.20 a.m                   :  Peragaan Busana Citra Negara
11.35 a.m                   :  Prelude for Martial Arts performance
11.50 a.m                   :  Boria
12.00 p.m                   :  Delivery of Gifts & Souvenirs
12.10 p.m                   :  VIP visit to the booth and exhibition site
12.25 p.m                   :  VIP's feat
12.45 p.m                   :  Ceremony end

The Latest Tentative for "Festival 1 Malaysia" (22/2/2010)

Hello, this is the latest tentative for "Festival 1 Malaysia".. Please take note that the launching ceremony will be held in the morning at 9.30 a.m. Also, there will be no night event. "so students can relax mental and physical at night." according to Prof. Madya Dr. Ruzita, our beloved KTSN principal. (^_^)

Saturday, 27th February 2010

7.30 a.m                     :   Fund Walk participant assamble at Astaka
8.00 a.m                     :   Participant released
9.30 a.m                     :   Launching ceremony &  Citrawarna 1 Malaysia
9.35 a.m                     :   Photo ManiacJagoan Catur (Chess) competition
10.00 a.m                   :   Puzzle Frenzy competition
12.00 p.m                   :   Prize presentation
12.30 p.m                   :   Break
2.00 p.m                     :   Silat & Tae Kwan Do Performance
2.40 p.m                     :   "Suara Anak Malaysia I" competition
4.00 p.m                     :   Prize presentation

Sunday, 28th February 2010

8.00 a.m                    :   Rush Hour Race
8.30 a.m                    :   Futsal, Volleyball & Frisbee
9.00 a.m                    :   Baking Cake Class
10.00 a.m                  :   Suara Anak Malaysia II Competition
12.30 p.m                  :   Break
2.00 p.m                    :   Prize presentation for Frisbee, Bola Tampar & Futsal
2.30 p.m                    :   Silat &Tae Kwan Do Sparring Demonstration
3.00 p.m                    :   Wajah 1Malaysia Performance
5.30 p.m                    :   Rush Hour Race prize presentation
6.00 p.m                    :   End of festival

 Hope to see you there..

Notice for Organization member.. (MT, Exco & AJK)

Announcement  to all MT, exco & ajk for the organization of "Festival 1 Malaysia". Actually, a notice from the TTK Secretariat:

The price for the T-Shirt, Landyard & Badge:

For Short Sleeve Set: RM27.00
For Long Sleeve Set: RM29.00

For those who have yet to see the design of the T-Shirt.. click here

For further inquiry, ask Tan Keh Len (Exco TTK II)