Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Great Photos!!


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PSS: Please contact either one of the Exco Multimedia to have access to all of the pictures..

Festival 1 Malaysia "closes it curtains"

On 6.00 p.m on 28th February, "Festival 1 Malaysia" program marks it ends.. Even though it rains on both days of the events, the participants, organizers and the visitors show's encouraging spirit throughout the festival. Thank you all for the cooperation.. We Love You All!! "1 Campus, 1 University, 1 Malaysia"!! Assalaimualaikum and have a pleasant day..

Hope to see you again in future to come!!

Festival 1 Malaysia

PS: Pictures & Videos of great events of the festival will be put after Secretariat Multimedia collected all and finalize all the data.

T-Shirts & Landyard!!


Landyard and t-shirts are now available. Get it from your exco.. ^_^
Below are some of the designs which can be found on the t-shirt


Congratulate to TTK for their hardwork!! \(^0^)/

1 Day Before The Festival Started

On the 26th of February, a full rehearsal was conducted for the launching ceremony. Many people involved showed up and training performance performed by the choir, various ethnic dancer and our models for the fashion show...

Next is all around the main site for "Festival 1 Malaysia"

Thanks for the technical unit for their hard work. You all are the best!!!

Beside that, we also see, some of the exhibition secretariat doing their work!!

Khoo(right), multimedia exco & his AJK


Hope to see you all tomorrow!! \ (^0^) /

Announcement (25/2/10)

This is regarding the T-Shirt, landyard and badge

Please pay only rm5 for each MT, Exco & AJK to TTK Exco. On Thursday night you will get badge. Due to some problem, t-shirt can be taken on friday (maybe on evening)

Why rm5? This is because the administration of KTSN will be the sponsoring. I would like to take this chance to give thanks to them. W e Love KTSN & We Love U All.. (^_^)

According to Exco Protokol, the full rehearsal will be held on 8.30  o'clock tomorrow morning (26/2/10). To all which are involved in this, absent are unforgivable please come.

Citrawarna 1 Malaysia (Launching Ceremony)

This is the latest & final tentative for the launching ceremony. (24/2/10)

9.30   a.m                   :  Students & audience arrivals
10.00 a.m                   :  VVIP & VIP Arrivals
                                   :  KTSN "kawad kaki" parade
10.15 a.m                   :  ‘Negaraku’ & ‘Varsiti Kita’ song (Koir)
10.20 a.m                   :  Opening performance (various races dance)
10.35 a.m                   Words welcoming hosts ceremony
10.40 a.m                   :  Director of program's speech
                                     Vice-chancellor's speech
                                      Launcher's speech
11.15 a.m                   :  Launching ceremony
11.20 a.m                   :  Peragaan Busana Citra Negara
11.35 a.m                   :  Prelude for Martial Arts performance
11.50 a.m                   :  Boria
12.00 p.m                   :  Delivery of Gifts & Souvenirs
12.10 p.m                   :  VIP visit to the booth and exhibition site
12.25 p.m                   :  VIP's feat
12.45 p.m                   :  Ceremony end

The Latest Tentative for "Festival 1 Malaysia" (22/2/2010)

Hello, this is the latest tentative for "Festival 1 Malaysia".. Please take note that the launching ceremony will be held in the morning at 9.30 a.m. Also, there will be no night event. "so students can relax mental and physical at night." according to Prof. Madya Dr. Ruzita, our beloved KTSN principal. (^_^)

Saturday, 27th February 2010

7.30 a.m                     :   Fund Walk participant assamble at Astaka
8.00 a.m                     :   Participant released
9.30 a.m                     :   Launching ceremony &  Citrawarna 1 Malaysia
9.35 a.m                     :   Photo ManiacJagoan Catur (Chess) competition
10.00 a.m                   :   Puzzle Frenzy competition
12.00 p.m                   :   Prize presentation
12.30 p.m                   :   Break
2.00 p.m                     :   Silat & Tae Kwan Do Performance
2.40 p.m                     :   "Suara Anak Malaysia I" competition
4.00 p.m                     :   Prize presentation

Sunday, 28th February 2010

8.00 a.m                    :   Rush Hour Race
8.30 a.m                    :   Futsal, Volleyball & Frisbee
9.00 a.m                    :   Baking Cake Class
10.00 a.m                  :   Suara Anak Malaysia II Competition
12.30 p.m                  :   Break
2.00 p.m                    :   Prize presentation for Frisbee, Bola Tampar & Futsal
2.30 p.m                    :   Silat &Tae Kwan Do Sparring Demonstration
3.00 p.m                    :   Wajah 1Malaysia Performance
5.30 p.m                    :   Rush Hour Race prize presentation
6.00 p.m                    :   End of festival

 Hope to see you there..

Notice for Organization member.. (MT, Exco & AJK)

Announcement  to all MT, exco & ajk for the organization of "Festival 1 Malaysia". Actually, a notice from the TTK Secretariat:

The price for the T-Shirt, Landyard & Badge:

For Short Sleeve Set: RM27.00
For Long Sleeve Set: RM29.00

For those who have yet to see the design of the T-Shirt.. click here

For further inquiry, ask Tan Keh Len (Exco TTK II)


(Pictures are just for decoration/give imagination on what's going to happen)

Dekorasa is an event that's going to be held on the festival. See the pictures above? Can you guess what's going to happen? Keep it to yourself and let me be your guidance. The Dekorasa event is 2 program being held which is "Cake Decoration" & "Food Factor (eating contest)" (Does your guess correct?). As always, details, rules & regulation will be listed below.

Date: 28th February (Sunday)
Time: 9.00a.m - 12.30p.m
Location: Astaka, Titiwangsa Recreational Park

Rules & Regulation:
-Cake Decoration
1. Maximum number of participant: 40 person
2. Open to elementary student only
3. Divided to two. "Tahap 1" (7-9 years old) & "Tahap 2" (10-12 years old)\
4. The event will be done in partner (2 people per cake) and they will be required to use their creativity to decorate the cake
5. Time limit is 30 minute. Juries will then judge and decide the winner
6. Cake and decoration stuff will be provided. Contestant are then allowed to bring home their decorated cake after the competition is over.

-Food Factor
1. Maximum number of participant: 30 person
2. Open to UKM student and other interested people
3. Contestant required to eat 1 Malaysia food (Vegetable, Fruits and sauce which will be added)
4. The fastest eater win the main prize. Done in partners.

- 12 Main Prizes for CAKE DECORATION
- 2 Main Prize for FOOD FACTOR
- All participants will receive a gift

8.45a.m - Registration at the counter provided
9.00a.m - Judge's arrival
9.15a.m - Cake Decoration "Tahap 1"
10.15a.m - Cake Decoration "Tahap 2"
11.15a.m - Food Factor
12.30 - Prize presentation
1.00p.m - Finish
1. Dr. Nik Aini Mohd Yusof
2. Dr. Poh Bee Kon
3. Dr, Nik Shahnita

For any question, please contact this person:
Anis Suzanna Bte Mohamad (0132061727)


Introducing yet another great event for UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival – Inter-college Volleyball Match! Feel free to participate and win great prizes! So build up your muscles, form a team, and enter this match. Come one, come all!
Date                               : 28th February 2010
Time                              : 8 am – 5 pm
Location                        : Kolej Tun Syed Nasir’s Volleyball Court
Registration fee           : RM30 per team
Participants                  : UKM students only
Rules and Regulations :
1.   This competition is held in 2 categories: Male and Female. Only 8 earliest teams to register for each category are qualified to participate in this competition.
2.   There will be 8 players for each team.
3.   Registration can be made through the person in charge, email, or blog.
4.   It is a knockout competition.
5.   Hampers and medals awaiting winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category.
If there are any further questions about this match, feel free to contact them:
·         Norizati Bt Ismail (019-4044701) (
·         Nurul Ashiqin Bt Hasan (013-4258365) (


Do you like taking photo? Have you ever thought of evaluating your photo? Have you ever compared your photo with your friends? Have you ever had a professional evaluating your photo? If the answer is no, this is your CHANCE... 1 Malaysia Festival will be holding a photo evaluation competition named "PHOTOMANIA". details including rules, regulation, date, time and location will be listed below.. Please do come and test yourself. Even if you had done these before, participation is highly recommendable.

Date: 28th February 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00 A.M - 5.00 P.M
Location: Children Playground, Titiwangsa Lake Recreational Park

1. En. Hazrul b. Abd. Halim (UKM Publisher Unit Officer)
2. En. Ismail B. Ibrahim (UKM Publisher Unit Senior Photographer)
3. En. Abdul Raai b. Osman (UKM Publisher Unit Photographer)

Types of competition being held:
1. DSLR Camera category
2. Digital Compact Camera category

3 prize will be given to each category

1 Malaysia

Rules & Regulation
1. Participant can start taking pictures after registering at the counter provided and must submit their photos at the same counter before 5.00pm at that day
2. One person can submit one photo per participation (Number of participation is unlimited)
3.Photo taken must be according to theme
4. Participation is open for all ages.
5. Fee is required per participation. Amount depend on categories.

If you want to join or you  had further question, please contact this person
Mashietah Bte. Che Mat Nasir (013-2858553)

Rush Hour Race

Have ever heard of The Amazing Race? Or Explorace? If you're interested in those kind of event, then, this is your chance.. The Festival 1 Malaysia Organizing Committee will be organizing an event related to those two name earlier. It is now the time to test your courage, toughness both physically and also mentally.

Date & Time: 28th February 2010
Location: Titiwangsa Lake (Phase 1)
               Around Kuala Lumpur (Phase 2)

Participants: Maximum 20 Team (4 members per team. UKM Students only. First come first serve)

Registration Fee: RM20.00 per team

  • 1st Place: RM100 & Plak
  • 2nd Place: RM80 & Plak
  • 3rd Place: RM40 & Plak
  • 4-10 Place: Plak

Rules & Regulations
  1. There will be 2 phase for this event. Only 10 fastest team from the 1st phase will enter the 2nd phase
  2. The 1st phase has 7 checkpoint. Starting point will be the former place for the "Eye of Malaysia"
  3. The 2nd phase will be held around the city of Kuala Lumpur
  4. In each checkpoint, only the first 4 team will be able to do the activity required on the checkpoint.
  5. Each team will be given a puzzle or crossword as a clue to reach the next checkpoint
For further information, please ask:
Phase 1 - 012-7815760
Phase 2 - 017-6886756 (Norfaidhi Akram B. Mat Nor)

Futsal 1 Malaysia

Are you a talented futsal player? Got the talent but have no platform to show off your skills and technique? Or are you searching for bigger, tougher and more challenging opponent?? Dont worry because in UKM KL 1 Malaysia event, we will give you CHANCE to play your beloved sports. Join us and you can also win great prize. Details of the event is listed below:

Date & Time: 28th February 2010 (8.00 AM - 6.00 PM)
Location: Kolej Tun Syed Nasir court

  1. 1st Place: RM300
  2. 2nd Place: RM200
  3. 3rd Place: RM100

Rules & Regulations
  1. Only 1 category being held (MEN ONLY)
  2. Expected amount of participant is 24 team
  3. Each time is represented by 8 player (5 Starting, 3 on the bench)
  4. Match duration: 11 minute
  5. If no winner decide by the time given. Penalty shoot-out will take place. Winners take all.
  6. No extra-time will be given
  7. Decision made by referee are irreversible
  8. Entrance fee for 1 team is RM50
  9. Deadline for registration: 25th February 2010

For any question, please contact the person in charge:
Mohd Norazmi B Zulkifli (017-2518567)

KTSN Open Western Chess Tournament

An open chess tournament  will be held as one of the event for UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival. For those talented chess player, please come and join. Details provided below:

Time: 28th February (8.00 A.m - 6.00p.m)

Location: KTSN Multipurpose Hall

  • Open to all IPTA or IPTS in Malaysia
  • Limited for each University 20 participants

Individual (Men)

1st Place                 - RM 120 + Medal
2nd Place                - RM 100 + Medal
3rd Place                 - RM 80 + Medal
4th Place                 - RM 60
5th Place                 - RM 50
6th  Place                - RM 40
7th  Place                - RM 40
8th Place                 - RM 30
9th Place                 - RM 30
10th Place               - RM 30
          Individual (Woman)
          1st Place                 - RM 100 + Medal
          2nd Place                - RM 80 + Medal
          3rd Place                 - RM 60 + Medal
          4th Place                 - RM 50
          5th Place                 - RM 40
          6th  Place                - RM 30
          7th  Place                - RM 20
          8th Place                 - RM 10
A prize will be given to the all university who participate.

For any question about the program, please contact this number
    - Lim Boon Ann (017-5275382)

Blood For Life Programme (Blood Donating Campaign)

This is the detail for the one of the programme of the festival. The objective for the programme is to support the Blood Donating Centre on their supply to those who are in needed.

Theme: "Everyone can save a life”

Location: Astaka of Titiwangsa Lake Recreational Park. 

Time: 9.00a.m - 3.00 p.m (27th & 28th February 2010)

Sponsored by: National Blood Centre & National Transplant Resource Centre

Please come and join this event. ^_^...

For any question, please contact the person in charge:
- Tan Chun Yeal ( 012-5255211)

Citrawarna 1 Malaysia's Tentative


9.30 AM       Ketibaan para pelajar
10.00 AM     Ketibaan VVIP dan VIP
10.15 AM     Nyanyian lagu ‘Negaraku’ dan ‘Varsiti Kita’ (Koir)
10.20 AM    Persembahan Pembukaan (Tarian Pelbagai Budaya)
10.35 AM     Kata-kata aluan pengacara majlis
10.40 AM     Ucapan Pengarah Program
                      Ucapan Naib Canselor
                      Ucapan Perasmi
11.15 AM     Gimik Perasmian
11.20 AM     Peragaan Busana Citra Negara
11.35 AM     Persembahan Multimedia
11.50 AM     Boria
12.00 PM     Penyampaian Cenderamata
12.10 PM     Persembahan Penutup
12.25 PM     Majlis Bersurai
                      Jamuan VIP

(English version will be posted later) 


Official poster for the programme. ^_^

This is the second one (version 2)

Done by the publicity secretariat. Applause to them.. \(^_^)/

Frisbee (Ultimate Flying Disc Programme)

(Pictures is just for reference.. the official one is unavailable)

The Ultimate Flying Disc program is one of the program made under the Program Secretariat. Details of the event is written below:

Date: 28 February 2010  
Time   : 8.00 a.m – 3.00 p.m

Program's Tentative:
8.30am - 9.00am     : Registration

9.00am - 9.30am     : Rules and regulations briefing

9.30am – 2.00p.m  : Program under way

2.00 p.m – 3.00pm : Prize presentation
Rules and Regulations
     1) Every team consist of 8 people submit their registration fee of RM15.00 per team
     2) Games will be played between 2 teams with 7 players each
     3) A team will score one point when the disc passes the endzone (field goal) <--- disc thrown passes the endzone
     4) The players who are holding the disc are not allowed to run
     5) The carrier must stop and throw it to their teammates
     6) Turnover will be given when the disc fall to the ground or the carrier walk or run
     7) Turnover also happen when the players catch it outside the playing zone
     8) 7 points will be given for each throwing into the endzone. (touchdown) <-- the person catch the disc in the endzone
After each touchdown or field goals, the team who scores will start the game again with the disc.

For any question about the program, contact
 - Wan Muhd Zainol B. Zakaria (013 4161219)