Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support


(Pictures are just for decoration/give imagination on what's going to happen)

Dekorasa is an event that's going to be held on the festival. See the pictures above? Can you guess what's going to happen? Keep it to yourself and let me be your guidance. The Dekorasa event is 2 program being held which is "Cake Decoration" & "Food Factor (eating contest)" (Does your guess correct?). As always, details, rules & regulation will be listed below.

Date: 28th February (Sunday)
Time: 9.00a.m - 12.30p.m
Location: Astaka, Titiwangsa Recreational Park

Rules & Regulation:
-Cake Decoration
1. Maximum number of participant: 40 person
2. Open to elementary student only
3. Divided to two. "Tahap 1" (7-9 years old) & "Tahap 2" (10-12 years old)\
4. The event will be done in partner (2 people per cake) and they will be required to use their creativity to decorate the cake
5. Time limit is 30 minute. Juries will then judge and decide the winner
6. Cake and decoration stuff will be provided. Contestant are then allowed to bring home their decorated cake after the competition is over.

-Food Factor
1. Maximum number of participant: 30 person
2. Open to UKM student and other interested people
3. Contestant required to eat 1 Malaysia food (Vegetable, Fruits and sauce which will be added)
4. The fastest eater win the main prize. Done in partners.

- 12 Main Prizes for CAKE DECORATION
- 2 Main Prize for FOOD FACTOR
- All participants will receive a gift

8.45a.m - Registration at the counter provided
9.00a.m - Judge's arrival
9.15a.m - Cake Decoration "Tahap 1"
10.15a.m - Cake Decoration "Tahap 2"
11.15a.m - Food Factor
12.30 - Prize presentation
1.00p.m - Finish
1. Dr. Nik Aini Mohd Yusof
2. Dr. Poh Bee Kon
3. Dr, Nik Shahnita

For any question, please contact this person:
Anis Suzanna Bte Mohamad (0132061727)
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