Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Fund Walk "UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival"

Fund Walk program is the opening event for the UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival. This event is made as a charity event which the fund collected will be given to the Titian Kasih Nursery. This event will be divided to 2 categories which is Under 15 Category (Elementary and Lower Secondary Students) and Open Category. The participants will be released by the Town Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Y.Bhg. Dato' Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail.

Note: Official launcher, Y.Bhg. Dato' Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail is the person proposed by committee to be made. Not confirmed yet. Take note this until further notice

Event Tentative:

7.30 a.m          :           Participants registering at Astaka Titiwangsa
7.45 a.m          :           Fund Walk participants doing warm-up with Y.Bhg.     
             Dato’ Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail.                            
8.15 a.m          :           Under 15 Category participants released
8. 30 a.m         :           Open Category participants released
9. 45 a.m         :           Winners given prize by Y.Bhg. Dato' Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail.


Winner's Prize
· Under 15 Category   - Winner, Runner Up, & 2nd Runner-Up : Hamper 
                                 -  Top 20 : Medal
· Open Category        - Winner, Runner Up, & 2nd Runner-Up : Hamper 
                                -  Top 20 : Medal
* Free T-Shirts will be given to the first 100 registered participants
 Plan for the event


Proposal for this event can be downloaded from here

Logo and it's description (proposal by Multimedia Sec.)

 This is a logo made by the multimedia secretariat which is still in its proposal.

The following is the description of the logo:

 Theme of the design: Festival 
  • Background design: If you can see the background design resembles the explosion of a fireworks (with a little modification on the yellow and red). Fireworks are highly related to festival so this is the reason why it is chosen. Every sparks on the fireworks resembles of unity of different races to create a dignified and quality sparks
  • Main color - Blue: Blue is the color of unity as described in Malaysia's national flag "Jalur Gemilang". So it's highly suitable with 1 Malaysia. Also, blue is synonymic to UKM so it shows that UKM is the organizer of this event
  • Modification on the yellow color:  Modified to make it looks like a gear. In engineering, gear does not work alone. It need many other gear for it to function. So it resembles cooperation between the organizing committee and also cooperation from the participants
  • Modification on the red color: The explosion is more aggressive and it symbolize energy. Since one of the major programs is "Active Community". It reflects it.

    Why "1 Malaysia" is bigger than the rest?: To point out that the main objective of this program is to go along with the vision of Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak to achieve the ultimate objective to achieve national unity among it's citizens

    PS: Go here for the latest logo since this logo is no longer used

      • Blue: Unity
      • Red: Bravery
      • Yellow: Peace & Harmony

      Astaka Titiwangsa Location Plan


       This are location plan for Astaka Titiwangsa where the programs will be mainly located including Citrawarna 1 Malaysia, exhibition and clinical.

      Click the picture to view the plan in a bigger resolution.


      These are the 3 main objectives for the programs that would be held:
      1. To promote and unity and cooperativeness between UKM residents and community with health promotion along with it importance to increase the health quality and productivity of Malaysians.
      2. To display the uniqueness of Malaysian community's cultures, arts and heritages.
      3. To improve the effectiveness and communication skills of UKM students according the the University's aspiration. Along with that, to realize the hope of national leaders to produce graduates not only with skills and experience but also high generic competency skills.

      Organization Introduction Video (Not completed yet)

      This is the video for introduction of the committee of "UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival".. still not completed yet...

      1 Malaysia Song Collection

        A collection of "1 Malaysia Song".. please download to listen to it.. Enjoy

      Alex - Perpaduan 1 Malaysia

      D.Gerard Singh - Sehati Sejiwa

      Faizal Tahir - Malaysia Satu

      Jaclyn Victor & Arch Little Danielle - Inilah Malaysia

      Manis - Keranamu Hatiku Malaysia

      Maya Karin - Nyanyikan Lagu Mu

      Noh(Hujan), Lah Ahmad, Shila - Kami anak Malaysia

      Rida - Lagu Rakyat Satu Malaysia

      Ronnie & Ernie - Satu Malaysia

      Siti Nurhaliza - Satu Malaysia

      Tomok - Satu

      Welcome to "UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival" blogspot

      Welcome to "UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival" blogspot

      This is the official blogspot for "UKM KL 1 Malaysia Festival" which would be held in "Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur" on the "27th & 28th February 2010".. It will provide you with the in-depth view of what is this festival mainly about and what's going on day in and day out from the organizing committee's report and update until the detail of the events which will be held on that day

      For your information, UKM is an abbreviation to "Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia/ National University of Malaysia"and KL is for "Kuala Lumpur.  UKM KL is a branch campus for UKM which is located in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, 50300, Kuala Lumpur. Tun Syed Nasir Residential College is the solely residential college for the UKM KL studdents. For more information, click the link at the top of the page